“A public road is shared space and should be shared with respect, motorists must therefore abide by all the rules of the road, show tolerance, [and] care for one another,” she said in a statement.

“Fatal crashes experienced on our roads are avoidable , however due to human behaviour we still see other road users killed on our roads, it is time to put a stop to this horrendous picture of road carnages on our country’s roads.”

Peters wished those who were injured a speedy recovery.


KwaZulu-Natal police said five people were shot dead at a car wash in Ezakheni’s B-Section in Ladysmith, while another person was killed in an accident caused by a shooting on Peters Road.

A further eight people were killed in an accident when a kombi, travelling on the same road, tried to avoid the shooting, Captain Thulani Zwane said.

All the incidents happened on Saturday.

He said a Mercedes-Benz with five occupants had been travelling along Peters Road and was followed by a VW Polo.

Occupants of the VW Polo opened fire on the Mercedes and as a result the driver lost control of the vehicle.

One person was killed died from the Mercedes and four others were injured and taken to hospital.

This incident was followed by another accident on the same road.

A kombi that was following the Mercedes and the Polo had a head-on collision with an oncoming truck.

Zwane said the kombi driver was trying to avoid the shooting when the accident happened.

Four occupants of the kombi died on scene and several other passengers were taken to hospital.

Later, four others died in hospital, he said.


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