Open letter to Ronnie Kasrils

Open letter to Ronnie Kasrils

Joan Armatrading joins the most celebrated line-up of South African musicians ever to appear together on one intimate stage

Bernard Jay, Executive Producer for Joburg Theatre, proudly announces a unique series of concerts in celebration of South Africa’s 20th Anniversary of Democracy. ANTHEMS OF DEMOCRACY will feature an all-star line-up of artists whose songs and poems themselves became anthems for the fight for democracy.

The Power Gig Guide this weekend (11th April– 13th April)

The Power Gig Guide this weekend (11th April– 13th April)

Athlete legend Tshakile Nzimande

Thabiso Mosia speaks to former South African spring king Tshakile Nzimande

Magakwe breaks SA record

Thabiso Mosia chats to Simon Magakwe, the first South African athlete to break the sub-10-second barrier in the 100 metres.

A toned down Christmas?

Well it looks like that’s what awaits South Africans this festive season.Research shows scores of South Africans haven’t paid their loans and banks are not willing to hand out cash so easily.

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